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Putting People back into the process picture™

Skillaware™ is an innovative software platform that combines the benefits of Electronic Performance Support, Business Process Improvement and Guidance and On line Learning & Knowledge Management, in order to help you better engage, support and train your workforce during the rollout and uptake of new business processes and software tools within your organization.

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Business Process Improvement

The Skillaware™ Platform helps you move your Company towards a continuous Business Process Improvement (BPI) and Change Management Culture by providing your workforce with guidance, engagement and support directly at the workplace during business transformation initiatives.

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Software Replication & Guidance

The Skillaware™ Platform helps your Company to capture the user experience from experts while they are performing new business processes and procedures on new software applications aiming to support, engage and train new employees directly at the workplace.

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Personal Learning & Performance Support

The Skillaware™ Platform helps your Company to reduce the costs of training staff during the rollout and uptake of new business processes and software applications, while at the same time helping increase the productivity and performance of your workforce.

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IT Documentation Generation & Quick Reference

The Skillaware™ Platform helps your Company to automatically generate the training and support documentation it needs to support its workforce, transparently monitoring its usage, efficiency and effectiveness via new learning analytics and documentation interoperability standards.

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