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Business Process Improvement


The Skillaware™ Platform helps you move your Company towards a continuous Business Process Improvement (BPI) and Change Management Culture by providing guidance, engagement and support to your workforce, during business transformation initiatives, directly at the workplace.

Business Process Improvement and Guidance (BPI, BPG)  is a systematic approach to help your organization standardize and optimize its underlying processes to achieve more efficient results. Studies have shown that Business Process Improvement & Guidance have been major factors in helping to reduce the costs and cycle times associated with the standardization, adoption and deployment of new processes and applications within large organizations. In fact, companies with a strong BPI culture and that invested in their workforce’s performance support and training during IT transformational periods achieved more efficient results in terms of cost and time by as much as 90%, while at the same time improving the quality of the use of their new IT infrastructures by over 60%.

BPI & BPG focus lies in “doing things right” more than “doing the right thing.” In essence, BPI targets the continuous appraisal and standardization of Business Processes and BPG attempts to reduce variation and/or waste of time during the roll out of such processes in large organizations, so that the desired outcome can be achieved through a better utilization of resources.

BPI works by:

  • Defining your organization’s strategic goals and purposes
  • Determining your organization’s customers and/or stakeholders
  • Standardizing and aligning your business processes to realize the organization’s goals

Using the Skillaware™ Platform, business process analysts and stakeholders can import existing business processes within your organization, organize and standardize them within a centralized repository, and assign performance support & training materials and expert networks by linking them directly to specific processes, tasks and IT applications as well as relevant roles and departments inside the organization.

Why should I use the Skillaware™ Platform to improve the Key Processes within my Organization? 

By creating a centralized and shared repository of best industry processes and practices, and by linking these processes and practices to your workforce and their tasks and procedures, the Skillaware™ Platform supports and drives a strong Business Process Improvement and Change Management Culture within your organization.

The goal of using the Skillaware™ Platform is to kick-start a radical transformation in the performance of your organization, rather than a series of incremental changes. By optimizing processes and systems and enhancing the performance and productivity of your workforce, the Skillaware™ Platform creates a core culture of continuous improvement throughout your organization.