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Today’s IT departments need to get more and more flexible and innovative every day to help their business better deal with the increasing volatility and globalization of industries and marketplaces.

New IT processes, tools, and infrastructures are emerging every day, capable of optimizing demand planning, production forecast, and plant scheduling, and helping you move your organization ahead into new emerging global markets and regions, discover new opportunities, and overcome new challenges.

Your workforce will play a key role in the transformation and change management of your company when adopting new IT processes and tools to better meet such a future.

Upskilling your workforce to make it capable of coping with the adoption of new models, processes and technologies is no longer an option and must become a pillar of your business transformation strategy towards full maturity and standardization.

Skillaware™ is the newest start-up launched by the sedApta Group, located in the Mediterraneo Science Park of Sestri Levante’s Silence Bay, set in the breathtaking scenery of the North West Italian Riviera.

Skillaware™ has created and released an innovative software platform that combines the benefits of Business Process Improvement & Guidance, Online Learning & Knowledge Management, and Electronic Performance Support into a new solution named EPPSS, or Electronic Process Performance Support System.

The Skillaware™ EPPSS helps you support, train and collaborate with your workforce during the rollout and uptake of new IT processes and tools within your organization.

The Skillaware™ Platform helps you bring just in time and just enough process-based collaboration, training, knowledge and support to your workforce, when and where it is needed, directly at the workplace, embedded within its daily workflow conditions.

In an increasingly IT-driven and technology-dependent world, the Skillaware™ Platform is the most cutting-edge and only business process-based performance support and training solution available today that can bring your workforce the knowledge, collaboration and support it needs, to help you improve and ultimately transform the culture of training and change management within your organization, at the press of a button.