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Towards MAN.TR.A™: Manufacturing Training & Performance Support Analytics – LACE (Learning Analytics Community Exchange) Project

Abstract This White Paper was authored within the context of the LACE Project Initiative (Learning Analytics Community exchange, www.laceproject.eu) awarded by the European Commission to Skillaware’s stakeholder Infinity Technology Solutions (grant nr 619424) introducing MAN.TR.A.™, a methodological framework for introducing Training and Performance Support Analytics at the Manufacturing Workplace


The LACE law manifesto: Promoting Learning Analyitcs @ the Workplace


This White Paper is a working document holding  recommendations for EU Policy Makers in the European Commission  and national institutions about future policies that should be adopted to favor Learning Analytics uptake at the workplace for better workforce training.
The document was edited by Skillaware consultants as a  follow on to the  discussion meeting held in Brussels in April 2015 , under the support of the EUropean Parliament,  organised by  the Learning Analytics Community Exchange (LACE www.laceproject.eu) project , a EU Initiative in which Skillaware is leading the promotion of Learning Analytics at the workplace.
Towards Learning Analytics Interoperability at the Workplace (LAW Profile)


This paper introduces the needs and possible options for interoperating learning analytics within industrial and corporate scenarios, directly at the workplace. It first introduces general concepts of standardization roadmaps, abstract reference frameworks, application profiles and reference implementations as key steps towards a shared approach to interoperabilit. It then proposes a scenario-based method to drill down to interoperability needs and options for workplace learning, using a top-down approach. The paper suggests how the community could take action to develop specific profiles and recipes from existing and emerging specifications, with the aim of producing, managing, sharing and distributing standards-based and actionable analytics for improving workplace learning within industrial verticals.