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The Skillaware™ Platform automatically generates training and documentation materials and transparently monitors their usage adhering to new, de facto, emerging industry standards for digital content structuring and analytics such as DITA and Experience API.

Why did Skillaware™ adopt these standards in order to define and translate the learning process?

The Experience API specification from ADL (http://www.adlnet.gov/tla/experience-api/) provides learning analytics with more granularity and flexibility to account for actions, processes and experiences. It is an important piece of creating a personal track record of user experience and activity streams whilst using new software, with which Skillaware™ may monitor learners and their experiences in order to optimize the learning and support materials.

The DITA specification from OASIS (https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/dita/)  is a new revolutionary format for  organizing and structuring digital information into individual topics and chunks. The topic-based structure allows the writer to organize content into individual chunks of information. A topic is usually a single task, concept, or reference.

Some of the benefits of organizing content into topics include:

  • Helps to promote consistency
  • Allows writers to focus on individual tasks or concepts
  • Enables easier localization
  • Facilitates the production of multiple outputs from one source

Thanks to its unique mix of proprietary algorithms and interoperability standards, Skillaware™ is able to distribute, monitor and improve performance support materials at a level of efficacy unmatched by other performance support system on the market to date.