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Skillaware at Social Business Forum: “Embarce Digital Disruption”


Skillaware, company of sedApta Group was  one of the official sponsor at the  Social Business Forum, held last 7-8 July 2015 in Milan.

The Social Business Forum is the leading international event organized by OpenKnowledge that this year counted more than 1000 participants. The main topics of the event were: employee empowerment, customer engagement and collaborative innovation.

How does the Sputnik effect has to do with learning technology?

CEO of Skillaware presented the training and learning needs that technological disruption waves usually generate in people, asking for new pedagogical models and means to favor rapid up skilling and competency development of the engaged workforces. The speach covered how the new nexus of forces which today is generating the digital disruption are not only rapdily reshaping the skills and capabilities of users but also favoring new advancements in Learning Analytics, Performance Support and Business Process Management which may effectively improve traditional eLearning technologies and methodologies towards Skillaware, an innovative Process Performance Support solution and standards for the efficient on boarding and engagement of new digital workforces.This presentation also introduced the LACE Initiative by the European Commission (Learning Analytics Community Exchange, www.laceproject.eu) to promote the adoption of learning and performance support analytics for smarter training @ the workplace.

 The President of the sedApta Group presented a  leading Workplace Performance Support & Intelligence Platform provider.   The presentation also demonstrated how new learning, business process improvement and technical documentation technologies and standards (e.g. BPMN 2.0, DITA, Tincan & Experience API) may interoperate to improve user engangement and guidance during the on boarding of workforces on new digital solutions and processes at the manufacturing and supply chain workplace (e.g. warehouse, ticketing and collaborative supply chain management) at the dawn of what many call the Fourth Industrial Revolution, that combining new cyberphysical settings with digital distruption, expected to change the manufacturing workplace in the next decade at a speed and pace unmet to date.

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Skillaware at Social Business Forum 2015



“Embarce Digital Disruption”

Date: 7th – 8th July 2015

Location: Marriott Hotel, Via Washington 66, Milan

Duration: 9.00 – 18.00

The Social Business Forum is the leading international event organized by OpenKnowledge that this year will expect more than 1000 participants, 50 speakers and more than 20 business cases. The main topics of the event are:

Open Leadership in Social Age: Social and digital disruption involves not merely the adoption of new technologies with timid adjustments to hierarchical control paradigm

Ubiquitous Marketing – Marketing with Internet of Things: If you understand internet as a disruptive force involving just people, you should refresh your current beliefs. A new internet of things (IoT) is emerging as an ambient filled by enchanted objects and social machines able to communicate and exchange to one another and to consumers.

Reinventing Organizations: Scaling exponentially and leveraging social, digital cultures and architectures means thinking your firm as a platform and building an exponential organization whose impact is disruptively large compared to its peers.

Reality Data Mining: Big Data is all the rage and hyped. But beyond the hype, a disruptive move is forcing towards the reality mining. The reality mining journey is coming at the individual scale with data generated by and applied to a single person as consumer and citizen (quantified self).

Next Gen Digital Workplace Training & Support: New emerging digital marketplaces continuously demand the roll out of new IT solutions and systems at a speed & quality unmet to date. As a consequence winning businesses who want to retain their leadership or enter new markets must support and guide their workforce and end users much better than before.

Augmented Storytelling: Brands and marketers are morphing in digital writers and poets, virtual artists and performative filmmakers using innovative forms of pervasive networked technologies to build more intimate and lasting customer relationships and experiences.

Collaborative Economies: The business of sharing is the new way of doing business spanning from collaborative consumption to peer-to-peer production.

Business Value Redisign: Service design and experience design are central in digital businesses.

Social Cloud Computing: The world of social customer relationship management is absolutely critical in an age of empowered customer and represents is a major shift in the way companies perceive and interact with customers.

New Retailers Frontiers: Companies and marketers are placing more and more emphasis on digital retailing strategies as they respond to social and mobile consumers expecting seamless experiences across all touch-points, devices and apps whether in-store, at home, at work, or on the road.

To submit your attendance and view the full agenda of the event, please visit http://www.socialbusinessforum.com/SBF15_Logo_Black-01 Continue Reading