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Personal Learning & Performance Support

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The Skillaware™ Platform helps your company reduce the cost of training staff during the rollout and uptake of new business processes and software applications, while at the same time helping increase the productivity and performance of your workforce.

Skillaware™ provides the tools needed and empowers employees to perform new software tasks and procedures with a minimum amount of external intervention or training.

By using the Skillaware™ Platform, any employee, especially a new employee, will often not only be able to complete his or her work more quickly and accurately, but, as a secondary benefit, will also learn more about the processes and tasks underpinning the employer’s use of the software.

The Skillaware™ Platform is the ideal solution when new workers must begin to perform immediately and when training is impractical, unavailable or constrained; or when employees need to be guided through a complex process or task that cannot be taught effectively with traditional methods.

These situations often occur when new systems (e.g. customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning) are introduced, upgraded or consolidated, and in certain call centers when agents must perform using complex systems, processes or products.

Interactive software guides, exercise replicas and back end documentation are made available by Skillaware™ at the moment of need, recreating a perfect 70:20:10 blend of materials for learning and support personalization.