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SkillTab™ and SkillAgent™


End users can also request Skillaware™’s live performance support when they are actually performing a software task or procedure directly on their desktop, live, via the SkillTab™ application. The SkillTab™ slides in when the user presses a 24/7 panic button located on his or her personal desktop.

Once activated, the SkillTab™ provides easy and quick access to all the materials available on the SkillBoard™ repository for the specific user’s functional role and responsibilities within your organization. At the press of a button, the SkillTab can also launch the SkillAgent™, an interactive and intelligent virtual guide, to provide step-by-step instructions, rules and guidance to the user while he or she is actually performing an IT task or procedure.

The SkillAgent™’s sophisticated technology, designed with a global process positioning system, is capable of understanding the specific active process, task, application and screen in which a user has called for help.

The SkillAgent™ acts as a GPS, following a lost novice employee and suggesting the correct next steps for the active task, as a result navigating the end user to a successful completion of the procedure. It also provides new rules based on reasoning for more experienced software users having to manage and adapt to new procedures and changes that accompany enterprise-level IT updates, upgrades, and rollouts.

Via their personal SkillAgent™, end users can also access and use software replicas as virtual environments to practice their tasks and procedures without the risk of any errors impacting the real system.