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The SkillEditor™ is an advanced authoring environment which enables you to automatically capture your user experience while using any software application in a XML format.

The SkillEditor™ authoring environment enables expert software users to easily capture, edit and enhance learning information for all the software tasks and procedures that will have to be performed by your company’s software end user.

While the expert user performs a software procedure on the real software, the SkillEditor™ automatically captures all the objects and data fields present in the user’s Graphical User Interface (GUI,) along with all interaction steps and system feedback, in order to record the entire experience in an innovative simulation format called ScreenFlows™.

The SkillEditor™ then automatically generates a group of multimedia learning resources for your end users, including step-by-step technical manuals, video guides, software replicas as exercise environments, and other useful training materials.

Skillaware is the world’s first platform blending advanced business improvement, performance support and online learning and knowledge content distribution technologies.

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