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The SkillAnalyzer™ is an advanced analytics module available as an optional complement to the Skillaware™ platform. The SkillAnalyzer™ monitors user performance and learning analytics during the rollout of new software and software processes across your organization.

The SkillAnalyzer™ enables your data analysts to easily configure analytics related to any user activity and interaction they want to monitor while the user is actually using Skillaware™’s performance support.

The SkillAnalyzer™ then allows you to create multiple and customized analytics views and dashboards, which report user activity and performance and can made available to your organizational, development and Human Resource managers. SkillAnalyzer™’s dashboards report user performance data in real-time, during the  rolling out of your new IT procedures and systems, and are also available on portable and mobile devices and networks. With full and live visibility over user activity, managers can decide where and when to deliver additional support or feedback and drive end user best practices and habits.

The SkillAnalyzer™  uses TinCan and Experince API data-tracking specifications  to store user interactions in a central Learning Records Store (LRS), which is accessible by any compatible reporting tool (for example, the one seen above), as a result creating and displaying live dashboards and reports which help you continuously measure and improve  user performance during the rollout of new IT systems and platforms.