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Video Collection

Below is a selection of our current videos. Please visit the Skillaware™ channel  YouTube-logo-full_color for the full range.

Skillaware™ Intro Video Short

Your workforce will play a key role in the transformation and change management of your company when adopting new IT processes and tools. Upskilling your workforce to make it capable of coping with the adoption of new models, processes and technologies is no longer an option and must become a pillar of your business transformation strategy towards full maturity and standardization. The Skillaware™ EPPSS helps you support, train, and collaborate with your workforce during the rollout and uptake of new IT processes and tools within your organization.

Skillaware™ Use Case for Salesforce Support and Performance Analytics

This video shows how the Skillaware™ Platform also offers an optional performance analytics agent named SkillAnalyzer™ capable of monitoring and reporting the user experience while using the Skillaware™’s live performance support in order to continuously improve its effectiveness.

Skillaware™ Intro Video Long

Skillaware™ blends the most recent advancements in Business Process Improvement (BPI),Electronic Performance Support (EPS), Online Learning & Knowledge Content Management, in order to bring your manufacturing workforce just enough and just in time engagement and guidance during their execution of new IT-related SOPs (Standard Operation Procedures). Skillaware™ adds a new training, performance support & intelligence functionality to the pre- existing software utilized by your workforce in your manufacturing and supply chain life cycle (e.g. CRM, ERP, S&OP, MES, PLM, SCADA platforms etc.) without having to touch or modify the software’s original source code.

Social Business Forum 2015

What does the Sputnik Effect has to do with Learning Technology?

CEO Skillaware explains: The Learning Sputnik Effect. Supporting Digital Disruption @ the workplace.